Can advocates do intraday trading?

Can lawyers do intraday trading?

Yes a lawyer can invest in shares / debentures, derivatives, F&O, intra day trades etc, that cannot amount to a business. However, moment the lawyer tries to use his skills of investment for consulting others to help others make money, that would be wrong.

Can an advocate do share trading?

Yes you can hold the shares of a Private Company limited by shares and any company as a matter of fact. The restriction imposed on Advocates conducting business is intended for ‘proprietorship’ and other businesses where you may be in-charge of its operations.

Can government employees do intraday trading?

As far as my knowledge goes, government employees cannot do intraday trading. However, you can surely invests in stocks, MFs, ULIPs, etc.

Which companies are good for intraday trading?

A detailed table with various parameters for Best Intraday Stocks to buy:

Sr. No Company Name Average Daily Trading Range

Can lawyers own stock?

Being a lawyer has no relationship to investing. … In short, you’re competent to practice law, not actively invest. Second, even if you had the ability to successfully trade securities, you won’t have time.

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Can a advocate be a sleeping partner?

An Advocate shall not personally engage in any business but he may be a sleeping partner in a firm doing business provided that, in the opinion of the Bar Council the nature of the business is not inconsistent with the dignity of the profession.

Can an advocate be a director in a Company?

An advocate may be Director or Chairman of the Board of Directors of a Company with or without any ordinarily sitting fee, provided none of his duties are of an executive character. An advocate shall not be a Managing Director or a Secretary of any Company.

Is audit required for intraday trading?

Taxpayer has incurred loss from Intraday, but ‘total income’ other than the loss is greater than Rs. 250,000. E.g.: If you are a salaried person and have intraday losses, tax audit will most likely be applicable. In such a cases Tax Audit is required.

How much Government employee can invest in share market?

According to the earlier rules, Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ officers were to disclose such details if the total transaction in shares, securities, debentures or mutual fund schemes etc. exceeded Rs 50,000 during the calendar year. The upper limit was Rs 25,000 for those working in Group ‘C’ and ‘D’.

Can a Government employee have demat account?

Investments in shares, debentures and mutual funds can be made by the Government servant. … You may make the investment in the shares and by and sell and can show the profit as your long and short term capital gains through your demat account. 4.9 on 5.0. There is no restraint in investing in shares.

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How can I earn 1000 a day in intraday trading?

You can start earning Rs 1000 per day from stock market after understanding and following these 7 steps.

  1. Step 1 – Open a Trading Account and Transfer Funds. …
  2. Step 2 – Pick Trending Stocks From Finance Websites/apps. …
  3. Step 3 – Select 3 ‘Trending’ Stocks for Trading. …
  4. Step 4 – Read Price Charts of Selected Stocks.

Can I buy 10000 shares in intraday?

Remember, you cannot just trade intraday on any stock. … 10,000 (500×20) intraday. This trade does not result in any delivery as your net position at the end of the day is zero.

Is intraday profitable?

Intraday trading is all about generating small profits with multiple trades. … One way the traders can reduce the losses is to wait for the right time to trade rather than trading at every move in the stock’s price. Never wait to generate huge profits in just trade; instead plan multiple trades and earn small profits.

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