Can a California notary certify a copy of a power of attorney?

If a California Notary is asked to notarize a signature for a document granting power of attorney, the Notary must obtain the signer’s thumbprint for their journal entry. California Notaries are also authorized to certify copies of a power of attorney document.

How do you certify a copy of a power of attorney in California?

The California notarial certificate (certifying copies of power of attorney) is to be completed by a notary public upon the examination of a duplicate power of attorney form. The certificate confirms that the notary has examined the reproduction and that it is complete and accurate.

Can California Notaries certify copies?

Unlike notaries in many other states and countries, California notaries are not allowed to certify a copy of anything except a Power of Attorney. Even if we make the copy personally, we can’t certify it. … Notaries can then notarize the declarant’s signature.

What can a California notary certify?

In California, the law only allows a Notary Public to certify copies of his/her journals and Power of Attorney Documents (CA Government Code sections 8205(a)(4), 8205(b)(1), and 8206(e)). It is absolutely illegal for a California Notary to certify a copy of anything other than the aforementioned documents.

What is a certified POA?

A power of attorney (POA) is an authorization to act on someone else’s behalf in a legal or business matter. The Notarial Certificate form is signed by a notary and upon approval by MOSERS legal department, the agent under the POA should be able to act on the member’s behalf.

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Can lawyer certified true copy?

Yes, an advocate and solicitor is legally able to witness a person’s execution and certify true copy any original documents. However, whether such witnessing and certify true copy is acceptable will be determined by the authorities that you are submitting to.

Who can certify a true copy?

For a lawyer or solicitor to certify a document as a true copy, the document holder must appear personally before them and provide a valid form of identification, such as a passport or identity document which you want to get attested as a true copy.

Who can certify citizenship documents?

Who can certify my documents?

  • An accountant (member of a recognised professional accounting body or a Registered Tax Agent).
  • A person listed on the roll of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory or the High Court of Australia as a legal practitioner.
  • A barrister, solicitor or patent attorney.
  • A police officer.

What documents Cannot be notarized in California?

A notary cannot proceed with notarization if the signer cannot be positively identified through personal knowledge or satisfactory evidence of identification. (At this writing, California prohibits relying solely on personal knowledge – satisfactory evidence of identification MUST always be presented.)

What makes a notarized document invalid?

Illegible/ Expired Notary Seal: Stamp impressions that are too dark, too light, incomplete, smudged, or in any way unreadable may cause an otherwise acceptable document to be rejected for its intended use. … Your signature and notary seal should always be in close proximity to each other.

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