Should I get a solicitor for drink driving?

Bottom Line. If you can afford to pay a DUI lawyer’s fees, then hire the best attorney you can afford. … In many cases, a lawyer represents just another bill you will have to pay. Regardless, it’s always advisable to seek legal counsel whenever possible before making your plea to the judge.

Is it worth getting a solicitor for drink driving UK?

If you get a court summons or are charged with a drink driving related offence by the police you should seek expert legal advice from a solicitor as soon as possible. … Even if you think you do not have a defence and intend to plead guilty, your solicitor will advise you on many legal aspects.

Do you need solicitor for drink driving offence?

You should speak to a solicitor for drink driving if: You intend to plead not guilty and take the case to trial. Your breath alcohol reading is relatively high (90µg/100ml of breath or more), or there are aggravating features making the case more serious. You are at risk of a prison sentence.

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Should I get a solicitor for drug driving?

If you are caught drug driving, your options are to either plead guilty or not guilty. We strongly recommend that you speak to a driving offence solicitor before you make this decision. There are various defences available which could either reduce the penalty or see that the charges against you are dropped.

Can you get a duty solicitor for a driving offence?

The duty solicitor can only deal with imprisonable offences such as drink driving, failing to stop after an accident and dangerous driving. They will not take on most driving offences such as speeding, careless driving and failing to provide driver details.

What’s the average sentence for drink driving?

Driving or attempting to drive while above the legal limit or unfit through drink. A person could get six months’ imprisonment, an unlimited fine and a driving ban for at least one year (3 years if convicted twice in 10 years).

Is drink driving an automatic ban UK?

We can explain your options in detail from the outset. You may know by now that drink driving carries a mandatory driving disqualification. This means that you will be banned if you are convicted of the offence. The only way of avoiding a driving disqualification despite being convicted is by using a special reason.

What should I say in court for drink driving?

If you have determined to beg guilty to drink driving there are some easy points that you can do boost your possibilities of the very best result at court by stating: I am guilty. I am sorry. I have no criminal convictions/a clean driving licence/a good driving record.

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What happens if you plead guilty to drink driving?

it is likely you will receive a custodial sentence and go to prison as a result of being convicted. it is likely you will lose your job/livelihood as a result of being convicted. it is likely that your reputation will be greatly damaged as a result of being convicted.

Can you drive after being caught drink driving?

Once the investigation is complete the police will usually detain you until you’ve “sobered up”. If charged with an offence you will most likely be released on bail and asked to appear in court in three to five weeks’ time. You will be allowed to drive once you’re under the prescribed limit.

What’s the minimum ban for drug driving?

The penalties for drug driving are the same as for drink driving. If you are convicted you could face: a minimum 12-month driving ban. a criminal record.

How long do police charge for drug driving?

For offences of Drink Driving and Driving without Due Care and Attention the police have six months from the date of the alleged offences in which to either charge your son or lay an information at court (i.e. lodge paperwork and request a summons).

Do you get a criminal record drug driving?

Police carry out roadside tests to catch people who drug drive and a conviction could have a serious effect on your life. A drug drive conviction will mean a criminal record and either a heavy fine, 6 months prison sentence or both. …

How can I get out of a drink driving charge UK?

The actual penalty you get is up to the magistrates who hear your case, and depends on your offence. You may be able to reduce your ban by taking a drink-drive rehabilitation scheme (DDRS) course if you’re banned from driving for 12 months or more. It’s up to the court to offer this.

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Do you have to go to court for drug driving?

You will be expected to attend Court and enter your plea at the first hearing. If you are pleading guilty then in most cases the court will impose your penalty that day. … If you plead not guilty to a drug driving offence, you can expect your case to take between 4 to 6 months to reach the trial date.

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