Does Arizona have an attorney general?

The Attorney General of Arizona is an elected state executive officer established by the Arizona Constitution. The attorney general is the chief legal officer of the state of Arizona and head of the Arizona Department of Law.

Who is the current Attorney General in Arizona?

How do I contact the attorney general of Arizona?

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Office of the Attorney General

  1. Phoenix Office. 2005 N Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004-2926. (602) 542-5025. …
  2. Tucson Office. 400 West Congress. South Building, Suite 315. …
  3. Prescott Office. 1000 Ainsworth Dr. Suite A-210. …
  4. Attorney General Information. (602) 542-5025.

What are the duties of the Arizona Attorney General?

The Attorney General’s Office represents and provides legal advice to most State agencies; enforces consumer protection and civil rights laws; and prosecutes criminals charged with complex financial crimes and certain conspiracies involving illegal drugs.

How do I file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General?

For consumer inquiries, or to request a complaint form, call (602) 542-5763 (Phoenix), (520) 628-6648 (Tucson), or toll-free outside of metro Phoenix, (800) 352-8431.

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How much does the Arizona attorney general make?

State executive salaries

Office and current official Salary
Attorney General of Arizona Mark Brnovich $90,000
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs $24,000/year
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman
Arizona Auditor General Lindsey Perry

Is Arizona an attorney state for real estate?

Code § 34-3-6(c) requires a licensed attorney to prepare and draft all legal documents. Alaska: Real estate attorneys are not essential for closing but may be advised by your real estate agent. Arizona: Real estate attorneys are not essential for closing but may be advised by your real estate agent.

Who regulates car dealerships in Arizona?

OIG detectives conduct investigations of automobile dealers and their regulated activities.

What do attorney generals do?

The NSW Attorney General is the legal advisor to the Government of NSW. The Attorney General is responsible for representing the State and may act on its behalf in all legal proceedings in which the State is a party. … The Attorney General does not become involved in private legal disputes between individuals.

What does a consumer lawyer do?

Consumer protection attorneys specialize in helping consumers who’ve been wronged by a business. Consumer protection can cover a wide range of issues, including: Debt collectors harassing you. A creditor that won’t report correct information about you to the credit bureaus.

Is Arizona attorney general elected or appointed?

The state attorney general is a constitutionally-established officer, elected by the people of the state to a four-year term. The state attorney general is second (behind the Secretary of State) in the line of succession to the office of Governor of Arizona.

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What is the state flag of Arizona?

The flag of Arizona consists of 13 rays of red and weld-yellow on the top half. The red and yellow also symbolize Arizona’s picturesque landscape. The center star signifies copper production; Arizona produces more copper than any other state in the US.

Flag of Arizona.

Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted February 27, 1917

How do I report someone to the attorney general?

If you cannot complete the form online or need additional assistance with where to direct your complaint, please call our OAG Help Line at (800) 771-7755. Filing a false complaint is punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor. We need complaints in writing.

How do I file a complaint against a scammer?

According to NCH, in case of fraudulent transactions a consumer should lodge a First Information Report (FIR) or make a police complaint or to Cyber Cell, if company is not traceable. To register a complaint with NCH you can call on 1800-11-4000 or 14404, you can also send SMS on 8130009809.

What does filing a complaint with the attorney general do?

If you have been the victim of fraud or deception, you should file a complaint with the attorney general. A complaint is a formal written document filed by a party seeking legal relief by outlining the allegations, details, remedies, and parties involved.

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