Where is The Advocate newspaper printed?

The Advocate’s newsroom on Rieger Road in Baton Rouge.

How do I contact the Advocate newspaper?

Contact us at The Advocate – 225.388. 0200 The New Orleans Advocate – 504-529-0522; The Acadiana Advocate – 337.234.

How much is the advocate?

All Standard premium subscription rates are as follows: 1 month Daily & Sunday subscription rate is $44.99 per month plus tax. Saturday/Sunday subscription rate is $30.31per month plus tax. Effective 5/28/21 Standard Digital subscriptions include e-Edition with the rate of $17.95 per month.

What was the initial name of the newspaper that Huey Long established in 1930?

The American Progress was an American newspaper founded by Democratic Louisiana Governor Huey Long in March 1930 as the Louisiana Progress to promote his political aims and attack his opponents. He forced state employees to subscribe and distribute copies, plus state agencies had to place ads.

How do I unsubscribe from Advocate newspaper?

You must contact our Customer Service Team to cancel your subscription. You can contact our Customer Service Team by phone on 1300 131 095.

What is the circulation of the Times Picayune?

The Times-Picayune publishes home-delivery editions on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The circulation on the two home-delivery weekdays averages 97,249. The Sunday circulation is 108,690.

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