What brings the lawyer to new mullion for the second time?

Why was the lawyer sent to New mullion again?

Answer : The Lawyer is sent to New Mullion to catch a man named, Oliver Lutkins. He initially thinks of New Mullion as a sweet and simple country village. However, his expectations were shattered on reaching New Mullion.

Why was the narrator sent to New mullion twice?

Explanation: The narrator was sent to the New Mullion to find Oliver lutkin. The first time he went to find him, he was befooled by Oliver and his mother but he did not know. He went back and told his boss that he did not find Oliver.

Why was the lawyer sent to New mullion Why could the lawyer not complete his work on that day?

He was wanted as a witness in a law case. But he tried to avoid the law. So, he posed as a hack driver and cheated the lawyer who went to serve summons on him. … So, that’s how the lawyer could not complete his work on that day.

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What impressed the lawyer about new mullion?

She was nine feet tall and four feet thick. She had the agility of a cat and could talk a lot. Answer: At New Mullion, the lawyer was greatly impressed by the cheerfulness of Bill, the hack driver and his eagerness to help him in the task for which he had arrived there.

Why are lawyers sent back?

Answer : The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case.

Who was sent along with the narrator to new mullion second time?

23. He ordered the narrator to go back to New Mullion. He sent with him a man who recognised Oliver Lutkins as he had worked with him.

Why was the narrator happy when he was asked to visit New mullion?

The narrator did not like the dirty and dark sides of the city life. He thought that he would find some pleasant sights in New Mullion. So, he was happy to go there. He went there to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins.

How did Lutkins mother treat the narrator?

When Bill told to the lutkin’s mother that the narrator is a lawyer and he come here to search her property. Lutkin’s mother invited them in kitchen and took out an iron rode froM stove and threatened them to burn them by that . Then she chased them out and laughed on them.

How does the narrator find Lutkins eventually?

Answer: The narrator’s companion had seen Lutkins. When the narrator pointed opt the hack driver to him, he told him that the hack driver was Lutkins himself. In this way, the narrator found Lutkins eventually.

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Who befriended the lawyer at New mullion?

Answer: A hack driver at the station, who called himself Bill Magnuson, befriends him. He told the lawyer that he knew Lutkins and would help in finding him. Bill took him to all the places where Lutkins was known to hang out.

How did his experience at New mullion change it?

How did his experience at New Mullion change it? Answer: The lawyer hated city life as he found city people cunning and at times very aggressive. He assumed country life to be sweet and simple but his visit to New Mullion completely changed his attitude.

Do you think Lutkins was right in fooling the lawyer and earning money?

Answer: Lutkins was not right in befooling the lawyer and earning money by using unfair means. … The lawyer was befooled because he let Lutkins do the finding and questioning and did not do anything himself. This resulted in his failure to serve the summons on Lutkins.

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